Yvonne “Evie” Battistelli

Yvonne Battistelli, Owner of Beauty By Design, specializes in the art of permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, micro needling , and customized facials and peels. She has extensive education in the fields of Health and Beauty, with an emphasis on sanitation and safety. Yvonne also holds a degree in the art of photography, which honed a keen eye for detail, instilling in her the ability to beautify the natural features of her clients.

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Permanent Makeup

All permanent makeup procedures include a touch-up at 4-6 weeks. Procedures require a $35 consultation to review your information and perform a skin patch test.

Permanent Eyeliner

Top Eyeliner

Lash Enhancement (most natural) $250

Lash Enhancement with eyeliner   $450

Bottom Eyeliner

Lower eyeliner                                 $125

Permanent Eyebrows

Natural Powder Brows                $300

Powder Ombre Brows                 $450

Permanent Lip Liner

Lip Liner                                              $450

Lip Liner with Fill-in                       $550

Eyelash Extensions

If you like you can first come in for a $35 consultation to review your information and perform a patch test, 24 hours before the procedure. The patch test consists of adding 3 to 5 eyelash extensions to each eye to ensure that you do not have sensitivities to the glue. You can waive this part of the service if you choose.

Full Set                                               $175

Fill-in                       60 Minutes $60/30 Minutes $30

Monthly Fill-In Club

Choose four 1/2 hour fill-ins or two 1 hour fill-ins  $100

Micro Needling

This procedure begins with a thorough cleans, an enzyme application, a second cleans.  Next a numbing agent is applied and left on for 20 minutes and a third cleans. Just prior to the micro needling serums are applied to the skin.

Face                                                   $150

Neck                                                  $100

Décolleté (v-line)                         $100

Eye Area                                           $30                                                                                         Skin Analysis & Skin Care Consultation

You must have a skin analysis prior to any customized facial or peel. This can be done same day or on a separate day, it takes about a half hour. $15, Complimentary with a retail purchase of $30 or more.

Monthly Facial Club

Membership $50 Monthly

60 Minute Customized Facial:

Intro $50 (this includes paperwork and consultation/90 minutes)

Additional sessions $45 (schedule as many as you like)

Facial add-ons:

Anti-aging eye treatment $10

Paraffin hand treatment $10

Exfoliating hand treatment $30

Customized Facials & Peels

Customized facials and peels are performed with Rhonda Allison products to bring each and every client’s skin to its optimum potential for health and beauty.


Progressive Peels

Repeat every 7-14 days for 6-8 sessions for optimum results

Per Session                                      $80

Package of 3                                    $160

Package of 6                                    $300

Mid-Depth Peels

Repeat every 6-8 weeks

Per Session                                      $150

Package of 3                                    $400


Customized to fit your unique needs, these facials include makeup removal, cleans, enzyme exfoliation, extractions if necessary, strengthening and building serums, facial massage, mask application, hand and forearm massage, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, lip treatment, and SPF. So relaxing, most clients fall asleep.

Buy 3 get one free

Express                                           $60

60 minute                                       $80

90 minute                                       $95

The 90 minute facial has a second mask application and ice globe massage; most clients say that the ice globes are the best part of the facial.


These add-ons provide a variety of benefits and can be added to any facial service.

Paraffin Hand Treatment

The warm oil-based paraffin wax acts as an emollient, which traps moisture in the skin. This luxurious treatment relieves dryness, promotes circulation and will make your hands feel soft and supple. $10

Collagen Eye Mask

This anti-aging treatment will help to reduce puffiness, firm and hydrate the under eye area. $10

Exfoliating Hand Treatment

30 minute hand treatment, 5 steps to younger looking hands. AHA, Melanin Suppressant, Acid Peel, Nourish, & Protect. $50

Yvonne’s Hours of Operation

Tues & Thurs Noon to 7 pm Wed, Fri, Sat 11 am to 7 pm by appointment only

Sunday & Monday closed